K.A.R.D release “Oh NaNa” debut! 

I’ve read about them, I’ve been told to listen to them, and now I’m writing about them. K.A.R.D, the newest coed idol group, is here riding the Caribbean music wave with Oh NaNa. I actually find it quite catchy, and am very excited to see another coed group hit the scene after Coed School.

A lot of people think they’ll flop due to their company not really giving them all they need or some shit like that (I don’t know all of the info), but I’m just hoping for the best. Like I said the song is a definite bop, and their concept is refreshing too- I have no major complaints other than I would’ve liked to hear more from the male members, as most of the song is dominated by the female’s vocals. Anyway check out K.A.R.D below and enjoyy.

(Source: K.A.R.D)