But it’s Nakata so I expected as much lol~~

Yasutaka Nakata, the genius behind Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule, is here with a new solo single! Crazy Crazy features Charli XCX and Kyary herself on the vocals, although it seems Nakata put Kyary on the backburner when comparing the distribution of vocal parts. I was gonna sit here and type out all of the interesting things about the MV and how it makes like no sense, but then I realized its director pretty much said everything I would have in one concise sentence:

[Kazuaki Seki’s Comment]
I played with the three’s faces, sorry for doing whatever I wanted to.

Pretty much sums it up. Listen to Crazy Crazy and enjoy! If you’re a fan of Capsule/Kyary’s music then I think you’ll love this!

(Source: Yasutaka Nakata Official)