Old Zion. T fans should be pleased with this release

Zion. T has released his first album under YG titled OO today (technically February 1st Korean time), and its lead single THE SONG should be satisfactory for most old Zion. T fans. As one of those myself I’m happy there have been no dramatic sound or stylistic changes, but the song isn’t all of that. Sure it stays true to Zion. T’s signature sound but he’s released much better material in the past, material that felt more emotional than THE SONG does (and they were title tracks, too). This release’s saving grace is the music video. The budget he was given is obviously more than what Amoeba Culture could provide and it shows. Still, I rather have a mediocre music video and a stellar song than the inverse. There’s much better, albeit not as commerical sounding, songs on the album than THE SONG but we know how that goes.

What do you guys think of the THE SONG and OO?

(Source: YGEntertainment)