New music video AND album release this SPRING!!!

IMERUAT, comprised of the magnificent Masashi Hamauzu and multi-talented Mina, are back with a new music video! The visual is for their song Nomitaina which was released as a single on Soundcloud a while ago (about a year actually) along with another standalone single called FLAKES. Both were still in the works at the time but after comparing the final version of Nomitaina that we hear in this video to the version released a year ago, it seems not many changes have been made!

But that’s not all (used car salesman voice)! Along with this MV release comes the announcment that IMERUAT’s long awaited 3rd album 緊急生配信決定!(Emergency Broadcast Decision!) will be released Spring 2017! So like, NOW!!!

On Valentine’s Day the duo are holding a special live event on Ustream from 9-10 PM Japan time where they plan to announce the official release date of the album along with other updates!

I’m so excited for this album, more than I can express! I’ve been following IMERUAT since their beginning and enjoy the varying sentiments of their music! I always feel like I’m flying blissfully while listening, my journey guided by IMERUAT and their sounds! If you haven’t listened to IMERUAT before definitely start with their 1st, self-titled album. It’s incredible.


(Source: IMERUAT)