If exercising was always this beautiful I’d do it more often!

Instead of calisthenics this comes off very much like an interpretive dance piece, which just goes to show that with some fine music and emotion they’re pretty much synonymous! If you’re familiar with FINAL FANTASY you’ve most likely heard of Masashi Hamauzu, a great composer who’s 1/2 of the duo IMERUAT. Mina, the performer in the video, is the vocal in the group, but this time around she’s using her body as a means of expression! Admittedly I don’t exercise lmao, but if every time I did a wonderful tune such as this one played I’m thinking I’d be more willing to give it a whirl. Especially if I could have Hamauzu and Mina do it with me! That’d be fantastic! Watch and listen to their new calisthenic routine below- I’ll try it if you guys do! Oh, and isn’t the scenery just breathtaking?!





(Source: IMERUAT)