Ending the week on a high note

Tiny Mixtapes wrote a piece on new Beijing-based band Gate to Otherside and their likeliness to Beijing greats like The Gar, Carsick Cars, Chui Wan, and others. To be compared to bands like these is an accomplishment in and of itself so I had to take a listen, especially considering their debut album, Dragon Bus Terminal, is a little over a month away from being released.

TM weren’t lying. Gate to Otherside possess a depth that’s completely indicative of their muddled Beijing roots, and with little vocals sung in lead single Northern Memories () this message is almost solely expressed through hypnotic guitar and ambient sound.

Gate to Otherside join the aforementioned legends on the same Maybe Mars label and prep for the official release of Dragon Bus Terminal on March 25. If Gate to Otherside represent a new generation of yaogun coming out of Beijing, then we’re in for an amazing fucking ride.

To listen to Northern Memories (无), head on over to TinyMixtapes. Preorders for Dragon Bus Terminal are available via Maybe Mars’ bandcamp. For more Gate to Otherside, follow them on Douban.



(Photo Cred: TinyMixtapes)