Nvm we talking ’bout it

REALLY REALLY is really whack.

The instrumental, which is on that overused island vibe that is inescapable nowadays, is all treble, and Seung Yoon‘s vocals are so shrill that they literally hurt my ears. To make things even more cringe the group ends the MV by simultaneously doing the Hit Em Folk dance, but not before Seung Hoon krumps (yes, KRUMPS) to their new, island-inspired Pop record. Now I didn’t know krumping was still a thing, let alone doing it to a quasi-caribbean sounding track, but okay. Middle schoolers will love this, and so will WINNER stans. I, however, am gonna have to give it an:

FOOL is a bit more mature. Although a little cheesy sounding (mostly because of the sounds that play during the intro and chorus, wtf are those), the overall vibe of the song channels an emotion that I think most young adult+ can empathize with in some way, shape or form. Because of the way WINNER was branded I expect a more sophisticated energy from them, so I’m happy FOOL satisfies that to some degree.

I think it’s clear which single I prefer, although this comeback in general wasn’t their best for me. The teasers leading up to it gave me a much different impression.

Let’s see what iKON brings.