D-Selections reveal “LAYon-theLINE” short version MV! I’m trying not to LOL

Okay to be fair the concept and overall theme of this video is because it’s for Kakegurui, an anime about gambling lol, so with THAT in mind it does make this project a bit more understandable… but STILL! The dramatic gazes and hand positions, the over-the-top lip syncing and body expressions, they just all make you wanna laugh! But at the same time I love it because this is what Jpop has always been. It’s always been drama-filled craziness and without those elements it just wouldn’t be the same! I laugh because I love it, not because I’m hating or making fun lololol!

The instrumental is pretty exhilarating not gonna lie, and from what I’ve been reading it’s fitting of the anime~

p.s. Lmao I mean even the thumbnail they use for the video lolololol~~