They’re switching it up. They’re growing

What used to be a raging Punk band has turned a new leaf, sort of. Known for typical “fuck you” Punk lyrics and energy, GENIUS are exploring the world that exists after you flip society off. What’s there to do after you cast the world aside? The band’s 4th album,별바다 (Sea of Stars), is literally one big “What’s next?” Through music the band is exploring new paths and pondering new ideologies, and interestingly enough this is shown visually through a little girl. New life, new beginnings and a bright future, it makes sense.

Listen and watch 너나나나, 2226 and They Were Good below, and make sure to support the album via Bandcamp!

“너나나나” This shift in musical style and lyrical content is first introduced in “너나나나” (and most clearly heard in the slower tracks “It’s Great” and “그밤그길.”) It’s 7+ mid-tempo minutes about gratitude and loss in simple lyrical fragments. We like having a young child star in this video, as well as the idea of exploring the world with fresh eyes. That’s kind of what we’re doing on this album too.

“2226” We haven’t forgotten our roots either though, and we hit harder on “2226,” the video for which is the sequel or counterpart to 너나나나’s. It’s about flying to space, drinking hot water, and being happy. (Not kidding.) Actually, 2226 is a sort of code. The lyrics on this album, in both Korean and English, form an interconnected narrative throughout the songs and are, according to Il Du, full of Easter eggs like 2226 as well as 813 on 2nd track “Dream in the Dream”.

“They Were Good” This song is slightly psychedelic in its lyrics, about two cops and eating sunflowers. It sounds sunny and bright and feels like walking the streets on a day off from work (as does 6th track “Of June”). The video was made by Philip Brett of Angle Magazine.