VIXX LR release new music video to “Whisper”. FOREVER CONNECTED!

I remember when VIXX LR first became a thing I was like 😕 will it really work? Only because they seem to be so different in terms of musical style and vibe… BUT I WAS WRONG.

VIXX LR’s Whisper is the smoothest track, showing off Ravi’s cool raps and Leo’s velvety vocals with ease. I love the remixed “Red String of Fate” concept and how that was portrayed not just through the styling and color choices, but even the choreography. It’s like Ravi and Leo are two sides of the same coin: distinctive and separate, yet forever attached.

VIXX can always be counted on when it comes to bringing unique concepts to Kpop! In the midst of an oversaturated, carbon copy Korean Pop ecosystem, they bring the switch!