Mmk so back in the day when TWICE debuted (not even that long ago lol) I was kinda just meh, but now I’m finding myself with more and more TWICE songs, at least the title tracks, on my iPhone.

LIKEY is a bop.

That chorus is infectious, and it’s literally the one thing that’s given me what I think I’m ready to call a TWICE bias- Sana. She is the PERFECT fit for that vocal part and choreo and I know exactly why JYP chose her for it- she’s cute and flirty, more so than the rest it seems, and it’s just SWOON!!!

And that’s pretty much it. I love the song because it’s so fun and cute- it’s really girly but that’s one of my favorite parts about it. It’s in the same vein as all of their previous title tracks, but it’s still good and I’m not tired of the sound yet so yeah. The girls all look wonderful with equally flirty outfits and it’s just so adorbz. Okay TWICE I see you, I’m starting to get it now!