They perform the BLACKPINK “BOOMBAYAH” choreo and it’s amaze.

The KWF was this month and one of the most stand out performances was from an American dance group called I.V. These girls don’t look over the age of 16 and despite that completely demanded the stage, performing in front of a bunch of Korean citizens who I’m sure had NUMEROUS questions about their Blackness and interests in Korean Pop music. Despite all of this and the nerves the girls must have felt the performance ended without one slip up, and they even added their own flare to BLACKPINK‘s signature dance moves.

Seeing stuff like this makes me so happy. I love when cultures combine and multiculturalism is encouraged and shared. As a non-Asian American heavily invested in Asian culture in more ways than one, this makes my little ol’ heart happy as hell. It’s really all about collaborating and enjoying what each other has to offer, and I.V. did just that with their 5 star performance.

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