Hmmm… Idk if Jackson can really hold a song down on his own.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has released his much anticipated 2nd solo single OKAY, and it leaves me a bit skeptical of his rapping ability. In GOT7 his raps and vocal tone blend well with the rest of the group’s contributions and stand out as a distinctive force. It seems he’s best placed as part of a group, though. Judging off of OKAY, which is the most recent example of his skills, he isn’t strong enough as a rapper to carry an entire song on his own. His flow just can’t keep up and is awkward at points, and his entire voice sounds like he’s trying extra hard to put on this badboy front. I know that’s his image but… it shouldn’t feel so strained.

I was really anticipating this release just to hear how well Jackson can fend for himself, and I’m kinda left in a bit of a womp. The music video is just meh too, but the sets and outfits are nice.

Definite points for it being a Chinese language release though, Mandarin at that!