And they’re working on some new stuff inspired by the Pyeonchang Winter Olympics!

Ahhh, how good it is to hear news of a new Love X Stereo album! Remember their 37 project, the one where they’ll be releasing 37 songs, 37 music videos, and more than 37 live streaming performances in a year’s time?? Well that is still alive and kicking, 37B being the 2nd LP from the project releasing 11/30 (tomorrow)! Tracks number 2 and 4 are the titles but of course my weird ass likes some of the B-Sides even more lol, like track number 3 for its sweet and mellow vibes. So far 19 songs out of the 37 have been completed, so halfway there! Definitely continue to give this project your support by visiting Love X Stereo’s Patreon page!

Additionally LXS is in the midst of producing a Pyeonchang Winter Olympics inspired compilation album with Korean indie, electro, synth pop, dream pop artists. They’re crowdfunding for the album right now in Korea- more info can be found over at the very awesome Korean Indie.

Watch the music videos to the two title tracks below, and head over to their YouTube Channel for MVs from the other songs on the album!