Korean-American emcee Lyricks releases his music video to BAD featuring C-Note

I recently came across Lyricks, like in the past 24 hours, and am already wanting more. Going through his YouTube channel will make for a very pleasant pastime, but before you go I’ll provide a sample of what’s in store.

BAD has some of the illest lyrics I’ve heard in a while. Lyricks’ flow is hypnotic, and his desire to waste no time and achieve all he can is extremely inspirational. Don’t let the length fool you; although the single may only be a little over a minute long it still packs a powerful punch. Guess who’ll be going to his next show?

Follow Lyricks and C-Note:

Lyricks’ Twitter: @writelyricks

YouTube Channel: nupersovaTV

C-Note’s Twitter: VA-CNOTE

(Source: nupersovaTV)