Listen to Love x Stereo’s new single in film “Zero One”!

Love X Stereo has released their latest single, Zero One, this past Valentines Day! What makes this release extra special is that it’s a part of the soundtrack to indie film Zero One directed by Nick Neon, a half American half Korean born and based NYC-er. The film is currently on the film festival circuit, so this is a pretty big deal for both Nick and Love x Stereo.

Zero One the song is a very chill, ambient tune that’s honestly so perfect for V Day. It’s sweet and innocent, Annie’s voice adding a pixieish touch. The MV is comprised of scenes from the film, so you’ll get a bit of a preview while you listen too. All in all it’s a solid release and super exciting for Love x Stereo. It’s dope to see different mediums of art come together!

Zero One can be streamed on all major streaming platforms.