Deetz after the break

rowbai’s latest is a super esoteric release that’s all about the atmosphere. Below is the press release for the release from lowhighwho. Although broken English, you can get the gist of what’s trying to be described. I really like the song. Vibey, atmospheric releases like this that have a heavy focus on the instrumental are some of my favorites.


A solo project by Mayu Inaba “rowbai” label LOW HIGH WHO? Release of first EP work “rowbai__” released. It is a female trackmaker with a stoic world view reminiscent of arca and YJY’s Jemapur and SSW as a rare existence. In the work starts with an experimental instrumental, and then ends with a dramatic song that invited GOMESS, a label mate, to the last “Oki” that She sings. It is a self-introducing work of three songs recorded by someone who interpreted “Instrument / SSW / Produce” by her.