HI-LITE’s Swervy, who I think is a new artist under their roster, is just an image?

So yeah, I clicked onto this MV and was just hit with a barrage of epileptic seizure-inducing material. There’s this girl who’s dressed in “hardcore don’t fuck with me” garb (handcuffs and random AK47 included) and messy hair rapping at a speed that puts her in the mumble rap category. Not only that, but the effects are all over the place and the actual audio of her raps is drowned out by the instrumental (which I gotta say is pretty lit). It’s hard hitting and packed full of energy, but it’s obvious that Swervy is riding on the overall production of the video to boost her. On the surface you think Swervy is just this super dope edgy female rapper, but if you look just a fraction deeper you see it’s all a show.

Now this is my first time hearing of her and her music, so maybe she does actually spit decently and can hold her own without the glitz and glam of a HI-LITE production team. My first impression though? Not impressed, especially if this is one of if not the first major release she’s dropping on a huge Khiphop label. Go ‘head and roast me 🔥 🔥

p.s. Gurl you ain’t bout that life…!!!