PLEASE check out Soma’s new track and MV “Betty”

So SOMA is not here to be discreet. This song’s hook is all about her love for riding the good ol’ D and how turned on it makes her. She also talks about how her father hates her neck tat, so between those two scenarios we know what kind of energy she’s bringing. Betty is super wavy, hella smooth, and an actual bop. SOMA is literally the song is human form too. I love how she flows over the instrumental, how everything just glides, and how comfortable she looks just rap singing about whatever the fuck she wants DESPITE how contrasting it is to her cultural surroundings. She really makes me feel like she’s about that life. I’M A FAN.

Soma’s 1st ep SEIREN is out now!


Watch HERE, since the embedd wants to act the fuck up.