The FarEastVibes Podcast is back and here to stay! I’ve been moving and shuffling a lot behind the scenes to get everything together for this reluanch- I finally feel ready! Here’s to the resurrection and continuation!

In Episode 7, Beijing Nekroma‘s new EP + tour, LOVEXSTEREO‘s recent musical achievements and f(x) Sulli‘s passing are discussed.

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Nekroma’s “Asura” EP + Tour:

About Nekroma:

Dann Gaymer: The Diddly Board, vocals, samples    

Nan Guazi: vocals      

Nico Mazzei: bass

Rudi Botes: drums and cello

Nekroma is an experimental post-doom quartet based in Beijing, China. While the group began as a collaboration between the post-prog trio Nakoma and husband and wife electronic art project Guiguisuisui, Nekroma has taken on its style and identity distinct from the two bands that forged it. Drawing on a range of influences from all over the globe Nekroma utilizes vocals, a skateboard guitar, drums, bass, cello, and synths to create a backdrop for carnival of intriguing characters including King Necro, Pumpkin Queen, Diavolo Rosso, and The Hanged Man. On record they present twisted fairy tales and Lovecraftian fantasies, while live they mix theatricality akin to a Bela Lugosi horror film with digital paintings created in real time using the groundbreaking Tagtool app that are then projected over the band, creating a feedback loop between sight and sound. Nekroma beckons.





About the Asura EP

The title ‘Asura’ (असुर) refers to a type of divine being found in Hindu mythology, constantly locked in battle with devas. Ancient Indian texts describe Asuras as powerful superhuman demigods with good or bad qualities, while they have also been described as enemies of the gods. The title eludes to the philosophy of balance, the need for good and bad, light and dark, just and unjust in the universe. This is reflected in the songs on the EP itself, tales of Pagan rituals mutating into worship of dark gods (‘Oss’), across time and space a futile quest for meaning in a meaningless universe (‘Krankenwagen’), an Edgar Allan Poe influenced descent into nightmares and eventual madness (‘The Colour of the Spiders’), and coming face to face with the devil and falling under his influence (‘The Ocean of Eyes’). Yet through each of these dark tales there is a sense that there is no absolute evil, and therefore there is a ray of hope even in the darkest depths of the soul.

The instruments for ‘Asura’ were recorded in Beijing, China at Sniper Sounds and Xiao Music Club, while the vocals were recorded in Berlin, Germany at the home studio of electronic duo Hyenaz. The EP was then mixed and mastered by Tyron Naude in Beijing, China. The artwork for the EP was created by Feng Xinrou, a chalk illustration influenced by her dreams (Xinrou is also responsible for the music video for ‘The Ocean of Eyes’). The EP will be available digitally on all the major streaming platforms, as well as a limited run of CDs. In addition there will be a limited edition cassette version of the EP released for International Cassette Store Day (October 12, 2019) featuring artwork by Metal Your Day in Cambodia, as  accompanying the ‘Asura’ EP on one side are tracks from Cambodia metal bands affiliated with Yab Moung Records on the other, including Reign in Slumber and Doch Chkae (who recently made headlines after playing at this year’s Wacken Festival in Germany).

Nekroma’s tour dates include: 

2019.9.27 中国上海Shanghai, China – Lofas 

2019.9.28 泰国曼谷Bangkok, Thailand – Overstay

2019.10.2 柬埔寨献礼Siem Reap, Cambodia – Star Bar

2019.10.5 柬埔寨金边Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Cloud

2019.10.10中国北京 Beijing, China – DDC

2019.10.11 中国大连Dalian, China – 赫兹酒吧Hertz Bar

2019.10.12 中国天津Tianjin, China – 13 Club

2019.10.31 中国北京Beijing, China – Temple Bar 

2019.11.15 中国邯郸Handan, China –  魔符Livehouse

2019.11.16 中国保定Baoding, China – 乐堂Livehouse

2019.12.6  中国南昌Nanchang, China – 黑铁Black Iron

2019.12.7 中国淮南Huainan, China – 木土层Log Cabin Bar

2019.12.8 中国长沙 Changsha, China – 46 Livehouse

LOVEXSTEREO on Netflix, in BalI, AND 37 Album:


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