The Hip Hop power house joins forces with Daichi Miura and ZORN to release an attention-worthy project for every Japanese Hip Hop fan. Fall in Love Again is only two tracks long but provides so much musical variety. Tampopo, KREVA’s track with ZORN, is a hard hitting rap track with the two ping ponging bars like it’s nothing, while the EP’s title track provides a more melodic balance what with the thrilling, upbeat instrumental and Miura’s smooth vocals. It just makes you feel good, and the fact that KREVA produces his own shit too- he’s the goat for sure!

I didn’t expect anything less from KREVA, a man I’ve been a fan of for damn near a decade. The EP is available on Apple Music (yes, in the U.S.!) and other streaming platforms, so definitely support. Check out the Fall in Love Again music video below.

Happy Holidays!