Kollaboration NY 6 was this past Thursday, September 29th, and it was definitely a party!

FarEastVibes went out to Kollaboration NY 6 to cover the event, one of which was filled with amazing performances and an awesome crowd! Check out the full recap below as we give you an inside look at the night’s festivities!

Kollab NY began with an amazing performance from emcee and host Dumbfoundead. He managed to tie in some hilarious jokes into his hosting, making the crowd (and me) laugh at his bold, yet hilarious, antics. Let me just say, Dumbfoundead is not afraid to speak his mind!

First to perform was the ever talented Elijah Park! Combining a series of popular songs into a nice medley, Elijah’s vocals and keyboard skills created a calm and soothing atmosphere that the crowd totally mellowed out to. Very nice!

Next up was pop/rock band Rooftop Pursuit, and they definitely put on a show! With an upbeat sound that got plenty of bodies moving, their high-spirited performance made for a nice contrast to Elijah Park’s medley. Definitely keep these guys on your radar!

Cheryl Chin‘s performance was a complete shocker for me; I was not expecting that kind of voice from her! It was one that was powerful yet compelling, not to mention well controlled. Her original song Float Away had an indie/alternative feel, and instantly made me a fan!

As expected, Triangle Offense killed it! I knew they would have an amazing performance, and they didn’t let me down as they had tons of jumping around and intense raps to hype up the crowd! These guys know how to have fun!

(Click the link below to see a video of their performance. The bass was so loud it distorted the sound!)

Triangle Offense Performance

Mitchell Grey was next, and their performance was by far the funkiest of the night. They have a real groovy vibe and an old-school/southern flare, all mixed in with some blues/jazz elements. Their sound is very cool and something I’d really like to hear more of (come back to NY!).

Last we had dance crew Wanted Ashiqz, and they certainly closed down the show with a bang! Watching the different acts within their routine was awesome, especially when one of the members dressed up as pop star Ciara (wig and all) and danced to some of her hit songs. They also did an amazing Michael Jackson tribute; overall they were fantastic!

Their stellar performance won them the one thousand dollar grand prize and a spot as the opening act for Clara C‘s Shakin’ Off Silence tour in New York! Congrats, guys!

Kollaboration New York 6 was a huge success, filled with positive vibes throughout the night! It was a night to remember, all done in the name of entertainment from the hottest up-and-coming Asian-American artists!

Find out more about the Kollaboration Organization and the different Kollaboration events in your area at Kollaboration.org