New comedic web series “SuperTwins” releases their first hilarious episode

What comes to mind when you hear SuperTwins is most likely superheros, brave folk that fight crime and save days. Well, you’re partially correct. SuperTwins is in fact about a pair of fraternal twins who happen to be superheros, but their life isn’t that of a comic book. Here’s the synopsis:

Karin (“pronounced Kah-RIN”) and Kai are just two ordinary, mid-level superheroes fraternal twins getting by in New York.

But when they find their Superhero Medallion suddenly revoked, they have to recapture the magic that made them famous in the first place…

Never have I come across superheros that were so dysfunctional, but it’s something completely refreshing. The humor has a bit of an edge, and the actors (Natalie Kim, Trevor Zhou and Josiah Madigan) all perform naturally despite their skin tight latex costumes.

SuperTwins is the perfect past time for those who like light humor and compelling story lines. It’s a fantasy concept mixed with New York lifestyle. What more can you ask for?

Episode 1

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