“Trixx” and “Ben Jamz” of K.i.D Entertainment release their new single, ‘Take Over’ (“Donald Trump” Remix – Mac Miller)

Trixx and Ben Jamz arrive at the club to spit a few bars, creating a killer track called Take Over. The excitement of the night can be felt through the video as the guys perform for the crowd and serve some crazy punchlines, but that’s expected from a K.i.D production. Basically, Take Over is hot, and bound to get you ready for a night of fun.

Follow Trixx and Ben Jamz:

Trixx’ Twitter: @trixxz

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/iAmKIDTRiXX

Ben Jamz’ Twitter: @BENxJAMZ

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/BENJAMZTV

(Source: KingInDisguiseENT)