New Korean boy group Boyfriend have released their debut MV and song Boyfriend!

Starship Entertainment have recently revealed their newest boy group and they’ve been gaining a lot of attention! With two of the members being identical twins (Kwangmin and Youngmin) and with songs that are extremely catchy and fun, it’s hard to resist Boyfriend and their charm!

Boyfriend is a very sweet song about, well, being someone’s boyfriend! It’s another love song, and the MV has the boys helping a friend chase the girl of his dreams! Sure it might not be an original idea, but it’s still a great one!

Here are the members, their birthdays, and their ages:

Donghyun/Jonghyun – February 21, 1989 (22)

Hyunseong / Sunho – June 9th, 1993 (17)

Jungmin/Jeongmin – January 2nd, 1994 (17)

Kwangmin -April 24th, 1995 (16)

Youngmin – April 24th, 1995 (16)

Minwoo – July 31st, 1995 (15)

So what do you guys think of this new group? Are you a fan?

(Source: LOENENT & fuckyeahboy-friend)