Filipino-American rap group Triangle Offense gives us the latest installment of TO Tuesdays!

As mentioned before, TO Tuesdays are Triangle Offense’s way of keeping their fans in the loop by providing fun and innovative song covers and originals with a splash of comedy!

In this weeks episode, Triangle Offense performs Pon De Floor off of their The Courting mixtape, spitting insanely creative rhymes without a stutter in their flow! Triangle Offense deserves recognition; I’d love to chill with them one day!

Make sure to keep in touch with Triangle Offense by the following links! Let them know of their talent!


Their bandcamp (Where you can download some of their songs for FREE!): Here

The link to their mixtape, The Courting (which is on their official website): Here

Their Youtube channel: Here

Their Twitter: Here

Their Facebook fanpage: Here

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