Korean rock band “Bye Bye Badman” releases their first music video, ‘Yellow Light’

I feel like I’m in an old school California-based movie. Bye Bye Badman‘s first ever music video is Yellow Light, a song that’s sure to hit home for any Californian surfer. It’s refreshing, despite its?purposely?dated sound, and something that I think people will like just for its contrast to other Krock songs. It’s innocent,?hokey, and somewhat cheesy, but if you’re okay with those three adjectives this is a song you’ll fall in love with.


Follow Bye Bye Badman:

Lead Vocals/Guitarist’s Twitter: @Gila_Jung

Bass Guitarist’s (female) Twitter: @hiyoko_me

Daum Account: Here

Cyworld (only for residents of Korea): Here

(Source: AsianDream2015)