Korean rap group “YEIZON” teams up with “KIKAFLO” and releases the teaser MV to their new track ‘ATTENTION’

YEIZON is a collaboration group featuring a number of different emcees, producers and behind-the-scenes crew members with a goal of creating completely self-produced content. They strive to empower not only themselves but every other musician who feels overwhelmed by major record label influence.

YEIZON is built together to create our own freedom of muzik from the soul.
YEIZON is a small project which is built to prove that musicians can make their own music without worrying about financial needs.
We want to be the living role example of free musicians who are not imprisoned in the existing rules of the white collared music industry.
After a long time of preparation, we are slowly getting ready to launch our project.
We?d like to give thanks to all the people that supported and helped make this movement possible.


ATTENTION screams badassery; you do NOT want to mess with these guys. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the full release.

Follow YEIZON:

Website: www.yeizon.com

Twitter: @yeizonmuzik

Facebook Fanpage: Facebook.com/yeizonmuzik

(Source: dhhiphopplaya)