Check out Taiwanese Metal band, ChthoniC’s, full audio to ‘Spell of Setting Sun: Mirror of Retribution’ + ‘Broken Jade’ MV

HOLY SHI-. That was my reaction when I found these guys. ChthoniC is the FIRST Taiwanese Metal band I’ve come across, and I’m loving every bit of them. The lead vocalist’s (Freddy) screams are amazing, and that drummer (Dani) is sick too. I’ll just list all the members below; they’re too awesome not to mention. I know this isn’t a genre of music that’s popular amongst many, but try giving it a listen. Who knows, this could be the band that introduces you to a new side of music.

Member list:

Head, bassist: Doris
Lead singer, erhu?hand: Freddy
Guitarist: Jesse
Drummer: Dani
Keyboard player: CJ

Oh and added bonus, check out their latest MV Broken Jade

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