Filipino-Canadian emcee “R.Two” works to inspire youth worldwide

It’s always refreshing to hear emcees release motivational music. In a time where belittlement, disrespect and conceit dominate radio and television, I’m thankful to be able to share with you all a man who I consider a saving grace.

R.Two is an artist that hopes to?enlighten?through his music. With just as much swagger as some of the most popular emcees in the game today, R.Two takes concepts that are heavy on the minds of youth and puts a positive spin on them. It’s in this way that he counters the negativity within the mainstream by producing uplifting, genuine and fun music.

Brand NewR.Two

One thing I found really interesting was that he’s also a member of the?Filipino-Canadian Youth Alliance. This is proof that he takes being a role model seriously, and in doing so?surrounds?himself with the tools he needs to continue to inspire. Far from selfish, R.Two is self-less.

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(Photo Credit:?Luis Valdizon)