Korean Rap duo “PRIZMOLIQ” release the full music video to their new track ‘Ill Combined’

Scary’P and DJ TIZ really outdid themselves with this beat. There’s so much going on within this instrumental that you have to focus a bit to catch all of the sounds and layering, and that’s exactly what makes it so good. The energy is so frantic that you can’t help but feel supercharged, and PRIZMOLIQ do a great job keeping up with it all. I knew this group was going to be hot from the teaser and after watching the MV I’m proud to say my assumption was correct. PRIZMOLIQ’s flow is on point and they look like they’re having a good time, which brings us to the MV. The editing adds to the roller coaster ride that is Ill Combined with a bunch of fast paced shots and cuts to the next frame. I’m going to make another assumption here and say PRIZMOLIQ are ones to watch. See for yourself below.


(Source: dhhiphopplaya)