“Miryo” of Brown Eyed Girls releases her first solo MV ‘Dirty’

I am disappoint. No seriously, I’m upset. I thought Dirty was going to be this dark, edgy, horrific, spooky as hell music video, and then Miryo goes and TRICKS everyone. Dirty is nothing like those teasers lead on to be, instead it’s a super happy-go-lucky Pop track. But, now that I’ve vented I guess I feel better. The song isn’t bad if you’re into that kind of sound, and the music video’s story is still pretty cool. A commentor brought up the issue of it possibly being banned, and all I can say is I hope not. All there is that MIGHT be considered risque is men in underwear and Miryo flipping the bird. Everything else is pretty tame (as if the above mentioned wasn’t). Sigh, It’s a good song I guess, and the MV is good too I suppose. Just pardon me as I cry about unfulfilled?expectations in a corner somewhere.

(Source: officialBEG)