New Korean band “Burntout House” releases their MV to ‘Can You Hear’

This is pretty heartbreaking, but music with strong emotion is the best. Burntout House‘s Can You Hear has a music video with a simple, yet compelling concept. The lead singer (Kyung Suk) continually sings to a girl who keeps fading away, and even when he manages to get close enough to hold her she still leaves. It seems like he’s singing his apology for something he regrets doing. It was this, combined with the black and white color setting and music that made me use the word ‘heartbreaking’. A good majority of the song is just acoustic guitar, and even when the rest of the band comes in to play the vocals still retain their?fragility. It’s a job well done by Burntout House and makes me curious to hear how the rest of their EP, Talk, will sound.

Look out for their 1st EP, Talk, on February, 6th.

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(Source: krockisreal)