Korean girl group “miss A” release the first MV teaser for ‘Touch’ starring Suzy

It’s a good time to be a Say A right now as the launch of miss A‘s new song and MV is approaching. Entitled Touch, miss A are sure to bring their ‘A’ game as the first teaser for their new MV has already been released. With Suzy as the main focus, we are introduced to a much darker set compared to their previous videos. The eerie vibe in the video really makes you wonder what kind of sound the girls will take on this time, though whatever it is I know it’s going to be a hit! The lead up to Good-bye Baby was exciting, and even though the song and MV didn’t have a massive impact on me it was still enough to get me hyped.?This time around no leaks have surfaced (like JYP‘s preview of Good-bye Baby), which makes it all the more exciting.

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