Korean boy group “U-KISS” release the short version MV to Japanese single ‘A Shared Dream’

Shortly after the release of U-KISS‘ dance track Forbidden Love came this song, A Shared Dream. It’s completely different in that it’s slow paced and more Ballad oriented, but it’s still good. A commentor did say that this song may not do too well in Japan, as it’s kind of commercial sounding. They explained that A Shared Dream sounds like any other song that a more popular Japanese male artist could make, and for a crossover group like U-KISS to make it big they need to come out with music more unique. I agree. While A Shared Dream isn’t bad it’s not particularly special either, and when going up against major Japanese groups like EXILE, AAA and so many others U-KISS may need something with a bit more characteristic. I have faith in U-KISS though, they’re only growing stronger!

(Source: avexnetwork)