Korean boy group “NU’EST” make their debut with ‘FACE’

I didn’t bother writing about the teasers and instead waited for the music video (something about teasers has become a bit tiresome. Maybe it’s all the EXO that I admittedly stopped watching). FACE is… pretty standard. Nothing really special about the song, music video or even styling. It’s not a bad track but it’s not necessarily good either- it’s your normal Kpop song that’ll probably do decent. But the main reason why I think NU’EST will have a strong debut isn’t really for FACE but more because of Ren, the androgynous and edgy blonde guy you’ll see below. He’s really the only stand out thing in NU’EST as everything else has been seen and done before. A lot of people are already raving about him, so if anything he’s the main source pushing them into the spotlight right now.

(Source: LOENENT)