ForeignImage re-release their?suspenseful?horror-comedy short, Crush the Skull

If you follow WongFu Productions you might have seen this around Halloween time but ForeignImage, the creators behind the short, re-released the film on their personal YouTube channel. Crush the Skull is the traditional horror story retold with tons of plot twists and upgrades. It’s the perfect blend of the horror movie thrill so many of us love with the punchlines of comedy (laughing in the midst of horror, never thought I’d be doing that). Check out their description of Crush the Skull below, the film that won the?2010 NBC Short Cuts Film Festival.

A young couple’s car breaks down on a desolate road. When a stranger shows up out of nowhere to assist them, all signs point to one conclusion; the stranger must be a serial killer.

We’ve all seen this before. Time to think outside the box.

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