Asian-American production company Dayside Productions release new short film, The Last Farewell!

I haven’t been to the movies in ages, but I can always rely on up and coming film groups to give me the kind of content I enjoy watching: Short films that are filled with passion and produced by masterminds with a genuine love for what they do.

Dayside Productions‘ newest short film, The Last Farewell, is about going up to your special someone and boldly confessing your love to them. You’ll never know how the other person feels until you take the initiative and go for it, and that’s exactly what Jerry, the main character, does. After the encouragement of his best friend, Jerry pursues his love in an attempt to prevent her from leaving the country.

The sentimental script paired with the realistic acting will instantly make you think about your crush, and hopefully, inspire you to take the lead too. Enjoy the touching story of The Last Farewell below.

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(Source: DaysideTV)