Korean/Australian YouTube musicians and twins Janice and Sonia (aka Jayesslee) released a new cover video of the Jonas Brothers‘ song When You Look Me In The Eyes with the guest appearance of fellow acoustic musician, Andrew Garcia.

I first fell in love with Jayesslee when I discovered their cover of Tamia‘s Officially Missing You as their voices really grabbed my attention. There’s just something about singing in bathrooms (I presume that it’s a bathroom they’re singing in) as the acoustics sound much better.

The original pop rock song sung by the Jonas Brothers gave off a more powerful vibe, whilst this cover aims to emphasize the lyrics and the melody more. The acoustic accompaniment compliments the song really well as it changes the angle without switching it up completely. It gives the song a different feel and the way their voices blend seems to give a new meaning to the song and its lyrics.

If you have not yet watched the video, look below and check out their channel which is? filled with original songs and other covers. Also check out Andrew Garcia‘s YouTube channel that also shows his skills as a singer and musician.

(Source: Jayesslee)