Japanese Hip Hop group “BLAHRMY” release their MV to ‘DLIPPIN’ DA STAGE & STAGE’

DLIPPIN’ DA STAGE & PAGE comes from BLAHRMY‘s first album A Report From The Birdstrike, and it’s 90’s Hip Hop to the fullest. A treat for those who have a deep appreciation for the old school BLAHRMY’s debut album is too ill, taking us back both musically and visually. Japan’s Hip Hop/Rap scene is on it. Considering all of the other Asian Hip Hop I’ve heard, Japan seems to be the only country that takes the essence of Hip Hop, that real street sh*z, and put it into their music. They have such a firm grasp on the genre- they know what they’re doing no doubt. Check it below.


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(Source: nihongorapyoyo)