Taiwanese singer “Vanness Wu” and 2PM member “Junho” release their new MV, ‘Undefeated’

How many times can we say we’ve seen Cpop artists collaborting with Kpop groups? Not too many. It’s about time the two joined forces and unified fans, and that’s exactly what this project is doing. Undefeated, I think, fits both Vanness and Junho‘s music styles. It sounds Cpop but at the same time has some outside influence (perhaps for the 2PM fans), and both their vocals fit really well together. If you’ve watched the BTS footage both Junho and Vanness seemed to hit it off pretty well despite the language barrier, and it’s just nice to see them having good, wholesome fun while working. The release was worth the wait!

We need more of these!

(Source: universaltwn)