Triangle Offense Release Remix ‘I’m Batman x Bat Issues’

Filipino-American rap group Triangle Offense release remix to DJ Khaled’s I’m On One and Drake’s Trust Issues entitled I’m Batman x Bat Issues!

It’s good to let loose and have some fun every once in a while. Taking clips from one of the most popular Batman movies to date Triangle Offense have released I’m Batman x Bat Issues, a creative and hilarious remix to DJ Khaled’s I’m On One and Drake’s Trust Issues.

I’m Batman x Bat Issues gives us a more in depth look at who Batman is by sharing some of his personal thoughts on his city, childhood, and how it feels to be a superhero. Although the track is supposed to be comedic, Triangle Offense still gives us some sick beats (made by Da Kid Word and Dutchboy) and intense raps and vocals.

Download I’m Batman x Bat Issues here

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