Owen Ovadoz Drops “P.O.E.M.” Mixtape

Owen Ovadoz

Quality record, forreal

Owen Ovadoz puts his rhymes over some seriously sick production, beats coming from some of the hottest producers in the game with lyrical features from some of the most notable. As long as I’ve known his music, Owen has always had this smooth, Hip Hop vibration. You can really feel that Hip Hop is his everything, a complete creative outlet for a young emcee grinding to make something out of nothing. Dude is gonna make it. He’s already getting some buzz, and when you have that kind of “it’s this or nothing” mentality you always succeed. “It’s this music shit or starving, so guess which one I’m gonna make happen?”. It’s like that. Get into P.O.E.M. below.

1.Owen Ovadoz – Reasons (prod. Prima Vista)

2.Owen Ovadoz – Puzzle (feat. Paloalto, Okasian) (prod. Prima Vista)

3.Owen Ovadoz – 2017 (prod. The Quiett)

4.Owen Ovadoz – mmm (feat. nafla) (prod. The Quiett)

5.Owen Ovadoz – 작업 (feat. Loopy, pH-1) (prod. The Quiett)

6.Owen Ovadoz – Hip Hop (prod. Joe Rhee & 24)

7.Owen Ovadoz – 연예인 (prod. Groovy Room)

8.Owen Ovadoz – M.O.N.E.Y. (prod. Groovy Room)

9.Owen Ovadoz – 긍정 (feat. ELO, LIVE) (prod. The Quiett)

10.Owen Ovadoz – 11 in morning (prod. Groovy Room)

That 8 Mile Reference!





(Source: iMusix)