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Many people wonder how their favorite stars entered the music Industry. How did the four of you get into music? How did AZIATIX as a group form?

Eddie Shin😕 Before I debuted as a singer, I was writing songs for R&B artists in Korea like Wheesung, Soulstar, etc. Then in 2005 I met a producer who wanted to record my album, so I got my first opportunity to release a self-titled album called “Just My Way”. After that, I released another digital EP called “Love 20” in 2006. Then I wrote for 4Minute, collaborated with a Japanese singer-songwriter named Kayoco on a song called “Over” and got a chance to produce and direct for the G20 project. Soon after I met Flowsik through a mutual friend from NY, and started working on tracks with him alongside Jae Chong and Nicky. So I think all of these experiences and connections I’ve made really helped me get to this point, and I’m very proud to be able to contribute to AZIATIX.

Nicky Lee: I got discovered while singing in church. I met big brother Jae and made my first album when I was 17.

Flowsik: I was in love with music ever since the 4th grade.? From being in a concert band, jazz band and marching band (played the trumpet and baritone horn) to writing lyrics to every rap song I?ve seen on TV, all of these helped me to grow musically, rhythmically and lyrically. AZIATIX was formed in Asia, where through our producer Jae Chong we were all able to collaborate on many songs. It was then that our chemistry was recognized, ? thus forming AZIATIX.? Gyea!

Jae Chong: I got into the industry when I first started producing a local rap group in LA in 1991.? I met a group called LA BOYZ from Taiwan through one of our backup dancers and started writing songs for them where I then eventually branched out to Asia.

What’s the story behind the name AZIATIX?

J.C. : AZIATIX comes from the word ?Asiatics? which means something or someone that comes from Asia?which pretty much describes us and our sound.

Your new album Nocturnal has been getting a lot of positive feedback with Slippin? Away being a song that many describe as beautiful. What was the inspiration behind it?

E.S. : It’s definitely the most interesting track on the album. The contrast between the beat which is almost hip-hop/ dance, and the ethereal, melancholic chords and the melody is something we’re very proud to have pulled off.

FL 😕 Each of us have experiences where we felt that we were ?Slippin? Away? from our counterparts.? Once Jae Chong played the background beat we put in our own sound from our hearts, which is why our lyrics and delivery are so passionate and real.

J.C. 😕 I think breakup? is a very real situation for anyone who experiences it.? The feeling of helplessness is something that I personally have felt in the past during a breakup and I really wanted to portray that emotion through this song.

Within the music video you had some awesome effects and shot at some beautiful locations. Was it challenging for you guys? What about that underwater scene, Eddie? Was it a struggle?

E.S. : Shot it about 35-40 times…Honestly, I’m a good diver so it wasn’t like I was dying afterwards. I’ve had more difficult shoots before. But the only real surprise was after the scene. I didn’t realize the water had so much chlorine, so my entire body was blood red and I was freaking out. But the director told me it goes away after a day, and it did so it was cool.

J.C. 😕 I think I was at the studio mixing the album while the boys were on the field,? haha.? I did show up to the set where Nicky was breaking the wall.? I never saw him workout that hard.? lol

N.L. 😕 I was suppose to break that wall in one shot….I think I hit that wall at least 100 times…I swear I thought my arms were broken by the end of the shoot…like big brotha Jae said I never worked out that hard in my life…haha

FL 😕 Shooting the music video was really fun.? I had a chance to experience sort of the countryside and outskirts of Seoul.? Everyone did a fantastic job, and seeing everyone work hard gave me the energy to work hard as well.

Jae, can you explain the process of producing to those who are trying to enter that industry? When did you discover your love for making beats?

J.C. 😕 My first process before I write the song is to look for the right sounds for the song?including drum sounds, synth sounds, etc. I go through hundreds, thousands of sounds sometimes.? It?s like having the right color paints for a painting that I imagine in my head.? Then I crank away on the beat.? My love for making beats started pretty much when I started playing with a Roland TR-505 back in the mid 1980s?

Would you mind sharing with us your plans for the future? What do you guys want to have accomplished In the upcoming months? Years?

E.S. : Well, I like to dream big but I’m gonna keep most of it to myself. We’re trying to take things one step at a time, improve everyday, just trying to wake up every morning feeling good, knowing you’re doing the best you can.

N.L. : Touring Touring Touring…Hope our music gets heard all around the world!

FL 😕 I really want to perform at the Grammy?s.? Also, I wish our music would play in mainstream radio across the US, then worldwide.? I would also like to write a book about my personal life sometime in the near future.? We still have a lot to do as a group, but surely our goals will all be fulfilled.? God is good.

J.C. 😕 We are planning to visit and perform in as many countries as possible.? I would like to hear our songs playing on the radio and other public airwaves in the US and the rest of the world.

Thinking back to when you all decided to pursue your dreams as musicians, have you accomplished everything you set out to up to this point?

E.S. : I’m just getting started. I don’t think I’ve accomplished anything worth being satisfied over. I’ve still got a lot to improve on, and I’m learning new things everyday.

N.L. : NO! Ask me again in 20 years…haha

FL 😕 Still have a long way to go, but I believe the first few steps have been fulfilled.? I was searching for the right step this whole time, and I believe AZIATIX was the one step I truly needed.

J.C. : So much further to go.? It?s like a never ending quest.

Based on your personal experiences, what would you say is the most difficult or challenging part about being in the music industry?

E.S. : You can become irrelevant in an instant. You can’t be satisfied because you had a hit single or a hit record because then people expect more. In order to deliver consistently, you have to continue to work hard, and always think long-term.

N.L. : Being away from home and family. ?Miss ya fam~

FL 😕 Pleasing every individual fan.? Our fan base is continuing to grow, and I don?t want to disappoint anyone.

J.C. : Not being able to spend holidays with the family?since we are the ones to entertain the people during the holidays.

What are some of the things you all do when not working on music? Your hobbies?

E.S. : Basketball. At least twice a week.

N.L. : Eat, Sleep and ummmmmm……Eat

FL 😕 I like to exercise.? If I don?t exercise for a day I feel very uncomfortable.? I grew up fishing, so I love fishing. I also like to hang out with other artists, I feel that we all share something very similar and we can encourage one another.? I also play basketball with Eddy, and I love hanging out with him, Nicky Hyung and Jae Hyung.

J.C. : Video games.

What’s a typical AZIATIX day like? Are you guys constantly busy with different schedules or do you have moments to take a break and relax?

E.S. : Our album “Nocturnal” just came out so we’ve been busy flying around everywhere. We’ll sleep and relax whenever we can but right now, I feel more antsy when we’re not busy.

FL 😕 When it?s crunch time we are extremely busy,? but even during a typical day I believe that any experience teaches me something and helps me become a better artist.? For example when I am outside at the mall and I think of an idea, whether lyrics or melodies or a new song, I?m going to write it down on the spot.? Being an artist is a daily thing for me.

J.C. : We get to relax, but when the schedules go into full gear we would be considered lucky to sleep more than 5 hours a day.

Since you’ve been saying that your inspiration comes from life experiences, past relationships, etc is there any impactful story behind the songs you’ve written for Nocturnal that you’d like to share with us?

E.S. : We try to write all the songs from our life experiences. The lyrics for ?Go? and ?Cold? were from past relationships.

N.L. : In “Slippin’ Away” there’s a line…”Should of treated u better”….actually that was something a girl had once said after she broke up with me…haha…So ladies and gentlemen, always remember to cherish your loved ones!

FL 😕 I believe that every song should help someone in their life.? ?A Game? is a song I wrote to give people the motivation they need to do their best in whatever field they?re in.? So far, my friend lost 10 pounds listening to ?A Game? on the treadmill and my other friend listens to ?A Game? on her way to work every day for motivation.

AZIATIX, have you guys ever gotten annoyed, upset or angry at a fellow member over something they’ve done? Who was the member and what did they do? Oh and be honest, guys! Whatever it is we’ll still love you!

E.S. : I can?t think of anything. I love everyone on my team including the staff and the company.

N.L. : They are absolutely perfect!!!!….hahahahaha

FL😕 I love my members.

Would each member of AZIATIX consider singing solo? Not necessarily a solo album, more a solo track to be featured on your next album? It’d be great if you did!

E.S. : Definitely. We?ve all been solo artists before and I think at some point you?ll see members of AZIATIX doing different projects on their own.

N.L. : We’ve done tracks where its just me and Flow or Eddie and Flow. Solo tracks…ummm…you just got to wait and see…hehe

FL 😕 Most definitely, there?s so many different ways we can deliver good music in an album as a group.? Matter of fact, I want to sing once in a while rather than always rapping.? =X

If you guys were to come to Australia, what would be the one thing you’d like to see or do?

E.S. : I really wanna see some koalas! I love koalas!

N.L. : Besides meet the fans out there, I would love to see some Kangaroos!!!!…And maybe box one or two of them…joking!

FL 😕 Eat every single dish Australia has to offer, and go see some kangaroos!

What are some of your hidden talents?

E.S. : I have long arms. I can stretch my arm behind my neck and still cover my mouth.

N.L. : I do great impersonations…so I think.

FL 😕 I can do the belly roll, both directions.? It?s a weird hidden talent.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions, guys.? Any final words you’d like to share with your fans?

E.S. : Thank you guys at FarEastVibes! And thanks to all the AZIADDICTS in Australia! Hope to see you soon!!

N.L. : Thank you to all the fans out there for all the support!…I love you guys!

FL 😕 A HUGE THANK YOU to every single fan out there for their support and love.? We are doing this all for you, and for every single person out there.? AZIATIX all dididay!

J.C. : We have gotten to this point purely due to fans like yourselves.? Thank U from the bottom of my heart!

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