Triangle Offense’s new mixtape #TheFirstLove is released today! Here’s our review.

#TheFirstLove is a poetic party. That’s the phrase that’s been running around in my mind since I’ve copped the mixtape. Triangle Offense have really grown from their past release The Courting, which was a more lighthearted and carefree project. #TheFirstLove really shows Sci, Bry and Pwol‘s growth as musicians and people, telling a series of love stories with both happy and sad endings. It’s packed with lyrical depth while staying musically relevant with its catchy beats, a combination that’s rarely heard in modern music (and something I was beginning to think was?nonexistent). While listening I realized just how lacking music nowadays is in terms of?connectibility. It was Triangle Offense’s impressive writing skills that proved to me that it is, in fact, possible to create something you can bump on a Friday night, but also vibe out to during quiet times.

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Eyes Open– The first track from the mixtape and a great introduction. It gives a good preview of what to expect within #TheFirstLove. A steady beat with a nice balance of rapping and singing, and of course sentimental lyrics.

You Know The Name– I heard this song and immediately started dancing! The beat has the power to supercharge- it’s a confidence booster! That’s another trend I noticed within the mixtape. Triangle Offense balance the emotional lyrics with party starters like this, never allowing either to become too overbearing for the listener. It’s a testament to their ability to make organized and well developed music.

Love Is Just– This is my favorite track from #TheFirstLove. It proves that music, at its core, is poetry. I think that’s something that many artists and fans forget. Today music has such a heavy focus on the beat, but strip that away and you have a song that’s void of, well, everything. Sci performed Love Is Just wonderfully. Each sentence fed into the other, using double entendre to prove multiple points about true love. I think the message behind this song was the back bone of the mixtape- a genuine and sincere feeling.

When We Oooo– Sexy. If the name wasn’t enough of an indicator When We Oooo is about those quiet and intimate moments with your lover, and samples who I think is Janet Jackson (I’m a bit out of the loop with her stuff, so I could be wrong). Definitely a smooth release. You know, that cuddle music.

Love It (One In A Million)– Now you know any song that samples this classic Aaliyah track is gonna be hot! Love It (One In A Million) puts a new spin on the song by making it a faster dance track, but still keeps Aaliyah’s vocals and the song’s melody. It’s fun!

It’s All Good (TO’s Diner)– A Triangle Offense classic that samples Susan Vega‘s Tom’s Diner! All emcees have to have that one song that allows them to floss, you know, to balance everything out! Triangle Offense rap over this bass heavy track about possessing infinite amounts of swag and having the ability to fulfil any and all of their girls’ wishes. Rapping along about how handsome, flashy and random I am is pretty fun, I gotta admit!

The City– Recently Triangle Offense relocated from Jersey City to N.Y., so this song is kind of like their thoughts on the new location and a reflection of where they came from. It’s very personal too, as they rap about private life and share their determination to fulfil their dreams. New York provides a lot of opportunity, so their relocation is definitely a big step closer to fulfilling those dreams. It’s work, but nothing comes easy- Triangle Offense is prepared to continue putting in effort.

Shooting Star– This was an instant favorite for me. It’s one of the many songs on the mixtape where the beat matches perfectly with the lyrics. As the name implies, Shooting Star is about reaching ?for the highest point and continually moving towards it. The music is full of climatic moments, energy and positivity. It’s funky and refreshing, motivating and inspirational!

Beautiful Stars– A song of triumph, it’s that simple. It’s about moving onwards and upwards through adversity. It’s one of my favorites because of the message that plays towards the end- Sci adds in a voice recording of his father telling him a very touching message. It’s nice to see that Triangle Offense is willing to put so much of themselves into their music for all of us to experience. I appreciate it.

201– YES!!! For all of you that are fans of Azealia Banks you will KNOW this beat! The common expression is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but T.O. successfully remixed the song! They use a brand new flow that fits the instrumental just as well as the?original, and even sample a bit of Banks’ rhythm at parts. This is the song you’d crank all the way up and blast through earphones and speakers. Party hard!

#SMTS– #SMTS is dooooope! Whoever produced this is genius- I love T.O.’s style. Their beats are not the average, and that’s good. #SMTS is crazy and all over the place in the best of ways!

Almost 3– This is the climatic part of the mixtape where all of the bangers play before things wind down to a strong ending. Almost 3’s about a girl that’s worth your time, and is one of the last party tracks on the mixtape.

Numbers– This song makes me think of the City’s skyline during late hours when thoughts are heavy and alone time is preferred. It’s about communication between a couple and how a phone call could go either of two ways.

In For The Kill– T.O. take Skrillex‘s remix of La Roux‘s In For The Kill and remix it again, and I’m feeling it! Rap and Dubstep is sounding pretty tight right about now- In For The Kill’s another song worth blasting through headphones.

First Love, Worst Love, Just Love– And we come to a close with the main solo tracks from Bry, Sci and Pwol. I like to think that all of these tracks represent the guys as individuals, musically as well as lyrically. Bry‘s First Love instrumental is very sentimental and a bit melancholic as he raps about how he’s grown as a person through a past relationship. Unfortunately he wasn’t the best he could be during his time with her, but the fact that she stuck with him anyway proved that their love was true. First Love is a very deep song packed with a lot of meaning, not to mention Bry’s wordplay was really impressive. Sci‘s Worst Love is a more dance oriented track with dark undertones. His voice is filled with rage and the message one of fury- the pain from the breakup has turned into anger, and deep down he still cares for her. It’s a plethora of emotions he’s feeling which is something very relatable to many people in, or who’ve been in, relationships. Just Love by Pwol is more calm and steady and is about finding that one person with whom you have a true connection. Pwol’s lyrics are beautiful and strike a chord. Guards fall and one becomes liberated through love- It’s a powerful message.

#TheFirstLove by Triangle Offense has given me hope in contemporary music. The mixtape has no filler tracks, no songs just thrown in there to make it seem like more than it is. #TheFirstLove is filled with story and feeling, personality and vivaciousness. Triangle Offense wear their hearts on their sleeves with this and prove that rap doesn’t always have to be so stern. Emotions and the confidence to show them are true signs of strength, and T.O. understand that. #TheFirstLove is a representation of who Triangle Offense are and what made them that way, and a prediction of the great achievements to come. Pursue dreams by working hard and success is inevitable- this is the motto that Triangle Offense are committed to. I look forward to your bright future, guys!

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