Emcee “I.J.D.” releases his new track and MV, ‘W.A.R.?(We Are Renegades)’

W.A.R. tackles some pretty heavy subjects that you may not catch after your first listen, so read his?explanation of single below to gain a better understanding of its message. Pretty intense stuff.

The revolution has indeed begun once again as I.J.D. (of the *F.L.I.P.-Battalion | #IntelligentRappersFTW) leads the rebellion against typical cases of propaganda within society. The gritty, yet captivating video illustrates the hot-headed renegade as a prisoner of war, held captive while being watched heavily under surveillance cameras. I.J.D. slowly succumbs to insanity and prepares to re-construct himself as he prepares his escape in order to continue his mission to take down the “Media” and its hypnotic hold on the world. Martin Luther King Jr., who was a renegade himself in his era for his beliefs and preaching for civil rights movement is a direct inspiration for the song as his “Mountaintop” speech delivers an emphatic “I’m not worried about anything, I’m not fearing any man”, which drives I.J.D. to stress the fact that whatever he says from here on out, he says with no regrets. This is the first single off I.J.D.’s upcoming project “Resurrect The Revolution”, which will be released August 25th, 2012.


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