Grunge band “KoOk” release their new MV, ‘Justice’

Yes! It’s been proven time and time again that China has some killer bands and musicians, but I’ve been looking for something?similar?from Taiwan. The moment Justice started playing I knew this was it, the heavy stuff I’ve been looking for. Pop is good and all, but sometimes (a lot of the times) you just gotta rock out. Justice comes from KoOk‘s June 2012 album Paranoid. Check out more on that Here.

KoOk is a grunge-based band, formed in Taiwan in 2000. Band members are Leslie (Vocals/Guitar), Chen (Bass) and Luke (Drums).
In 2008 the band released first full-length album, “State Of Chaos” which highlighted their long-established unique musical style. The second album, “The Unbearable Heaviness
Of Being” in 2011.The third album ” Paranoid “in 2012. All garnered the band much more attention. In addition to the grunge factor,included more elements of rock,metal and punk. An explosive sound with high-energy rhythms, smooth melodies and inspiring lyrics. Full of positive power and a unique style. Their live performances are strong, dynamic and engaging, and is the reason fans love them. The most famous Grunge-rock band in Taiwan.

(Source: uloud)