Japanese band “I’M FLASH!” release the MV to their new, self-titled track ‘I’M FLASH!’… which is also a movie

This is AWESOME! So much to talk about, but let me sum things up. I’M FLASH! is a boss ass Rock song that seems to be a part of a movie soundtrack. The MV is complied of live studio footage of the band and scenes from the movie, which is also called I’M FLASH!. I’m a little confused because literally everything has the same name- I’m going to have to do some more research on it. The movie has a couple of well known actors starring in it that I’ve been fans of for a while, so it’s definitely going to be on my To Watch list. This whole project is really interesting, so if I find out more info or if I got something wrong within this post I’ll make sure to add an edit. All that aside, enjoy I’M FLASH! below!

I’M FLASH! the movie is scheduled for a September 2012 release.

(Source: ponycanyon)