Let’s get into JUNSU’s new English single and MV, ‘UNCOMMITTED’

I like this. I like the beat, the flow of ?the lyrics- everything comes together to create a pretty good R&B track. The overall song gives me some heavy Usher vibes, and the chorus’ “eh eh’s” are reminding me of Rihanna. UNCOMMITTED takes some influential pieces from Western Pop’s biggest artists and combines them together to hopefully create something epic. Although a great idea in essence there are some things preventing it from really blowing up in the West, if that’s their mission. R&B like this isn’t the kind of music that’s relevant anymore. The West is on this dance/techno Pop kick right now, and UNCOMMITTED is not that. I think R&B fans and hardcore JYJ/Junsu fans will like this, but the general Western public isn’t going to go for it for various reasons. All that being said I love it and if R&B was still something major, UNCOMMITTED would have a better chance of being a hit here.

(Source: CJESJYJ)