Taiwanese singer “Jolin Tsai” releases full MV to ‘Dr. Jolin’

If you’ve been watching the behind the scenes clips she’s been posting recently then you have an idea of what’s in this video. If not, you’re in for it. Like the title says, we have pregnant men walking around and dancing as Jolin takes care of them with all her medical know-how. We also have a lot of cross dressers. I was not expecting something like this, but I gotta admit it’s entertaining. I mean just waiting for what’s going to pop up next is fun, not to mention the song’s catchiness. Every single?Jolin has released from her new album has been pretty good, and I can’t stress enough how much I love the artsy concept she’s taken on. MUSE really isn’t like any other Mandopop album out right now, and I feel it’s something only Jolin could pull off.

(Source: jolintsai)